Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Current projects update

The robot club that I joined has long since completed their robot rally held in November.  I assisted as stage ninja.  Overall, the rally was a success and all the members that participated were satisfied.  Images and video are here.

The club appears that their emphasis is toward their rally where they get alot of attention.  So to maybe get my son interested in robotics, I guess I will build a mini-sumobot with the goal of it competing in all the events.  I already have the majority of items from various projects to make this happen.
1.  Leftover poster-banner plastic from the Star Wars themed Halloween "when ewoks attack" that I did on my front lawn.
2.  Arduino
3.  Motors
4.  Tamiya Gear box that I purchased
5.  Need sensors
6.  Need motivation

I am more partial to the ISO-bot that I saw some of the members had when they brought them to the Atlanta Mini-Makers Faire for display.  I liked that it was pushbutton control and the combos dictated the moves that it would make.  I looked it up online.  At $399 and no longer manufactured, I think that I can make my own for cheaper.  In fact, I have drawn up initial plans using the multi-poseable paper robot from an earlier post.  I have converted the plans for online Ponoko lasercutting and should be ready to post it soon.  After I post, I then have to decide on creating a variation that uses homemade motors or cheap available motors.  So far the sample of homemade motors are not strong enough.

I have posted an initial plan for an overhead HO scale train track for my Dad (who recently got interested in trains again) similar to the one shown here.  I wanted to see the at-cost-price from Ponoko which is $12-15.  Its okay, but the track would cost over $120 to make.  I can probably edit the design to make just a round track and see if it is cheaper.

RECAP: The candy crane robot arm was never finished and not needed.  I completed the pedestal and lost steam on the armatures.