Monday, August 1, 2011

First Post and Mission Statement

This post is the start of my new site dedicated to updating the public with the newest and best in DIY robotics and autonomus toys.  This information will range from helpful how-to's or to new concepts in robotics and programming or the newest products offered from my ETSY store at .

A short description of myself, I am a tinkerer and parts hoarder.  I was the kid that always wanted to become a scientist.  I never received formal training from any major institutions, but I am versed enough that I can translate 'engineer speak' to the average layman (this particular skill is the means of my current employment) and can apply this knowledge for any particular circumstance.  I walk around with my notebook jotting down the latest idea, brainstorm, gadget, or mechanical observation that may occur.  And this site will be where I am willing to share my latest with the public.

Hope that this information can be useful to you.

Lyle Sloan
Founder of Build A Mecha

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