Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mini-Sumo Current Progress

Assembled the Twin motor Tamiya gear box at a 203:1 ratio with my son.  He likes assembling things. 
Installed 56mm diameter Tamiya sport tires; hollow rubber similar to a RC car tire
Measured the overall width and determined that it exceeded the 100mm max width requirements for the mini-sumo rules.
Drilled all the way through the rims so that the axles could be pushed through (used a non-motorized hand drill).  This reduced the width to 102mm.  Will have to grind the ends down a little to meet specs.
Cut plastic sheeting to 100mm x 100mm with utility knife. 
Trimmed to fit the wheel wells and affix to the gear box.
Purchased a Parallax sonar ping sensor and a light and sound kit

1.  Configure Arduino for ping sensing and attach light and sound kit to get a visual indication of sound.
2.  Purchase transistors and relays to create an H-Bridge for each motor to operate with the Arduino

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